The Western Ghats, Road map of Life!

Also known as Sahyadri, are a mountain range that covers an area of 140,000 square kilometres in a stretch of 1,600 kilometres parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, traversing the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Wikipedia Elevation: 2,695 m Area: 160,000 km² Highest point:  Anamudi Region: Western India Passes: Palakkad Gap,  Kasara ghat ,  Tamhini Ghat ,  Naneghat The oldest Peaks of india the western ghats are older than the himalayas ,they were formed during the break-up of the supercontinent of Gondwana some 150 million years ago.


The ghats covers 6 states 1) Songadh 1A) Gujarat ( Start point ) Wild life. 2) maharashtra bombay of the ghats 3) Goa Is the best known for it’s beaches music and resorts 4) Karnataka The heart of western ghats 5) kerala God’s own country 6) tamilnadu 6A) Marunthuvazh Malai, (End point southern tip of India. 1)Wild life Sanctuary 2)forest s 3)National parks 4)Rivers 5)Ghats 6)Dams 7)Hills Ranges & Hill stations 8)Reservoirs 9)Valley 10)Trekking 11) Viewpoints 12)Temples 13)Forts 14) Mountain peaks 15) Road maps & Borders 16) Lake’s 17) Tiger Reserves 18)Resorts 19)Jungle Safaris 20) Bird sanctuary 21)Grassland 22)Biosphere reserve 23)View points 24)Islands


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Fauna -This untouched beauty for 150 million year have evolved the flora fauna mammals reptiles Amphibians Fish birds Insects & molluscs these evolved spies of fauna is only found in the western ghats. -Amphibians and Insects found here are evolved from millions of years they are definitely unique -Birds here are the most attractive for photography there are bird sanctuaries and wild life sanctuaries where the most magnificent spices of bird can be found -The best reptile in the ghats is the King Cobra can be found most in a particular place named agumbe.Tigers in the national parks and jungle here are the most Beautiful Beasts! -All kinds of animals like Tigers ,King Cobras , Frogs , Snakes , dolphins , black leapord ,lepords ,Elephants ,Monkeys, deers bears etc can be found here in the western ghats

-Forget counting life of Sahyadri can you even imagine to experience the life of few mentioned above? The Road Map to choose on this journey? The states to be covered here? 325 globally threatened species occur in the Western Ghats and many undiscovered species. Discover the unexplored, name the undiscovered! Flora The vegetation in the Ghats have evolved into medicinal purposes these evolved plant and trees can cure cancer! This was possible in the ghat for only reason behind is the climate Alkaline level in the atmospherefor the millions of years! It’s raining for 6 months and humid temperature for the other 6. Rivers of western ghats are many ,most famous river is 1Kaveri,2 Krishna, 3Thamiraparani 4 Godavari,5 Tungabhadra there are countless streams at the ghats The hill stations resorts in the Ghats are the best in the world for camping hiking and It’s the best location for Bikers campers nature lovers and trekkers

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Water bodies 1)Water falls Like Doodh sagar Jog falls 2) Beaches 3)Beach resorts 4) Water sports 5)Islands 6)Arabian sea 7) Aquatic sea life 8 )Big Fishes l 9) Boating or ferries 10) Tributary (River joining river) 11) Distributaries (river joining sea) 12) River Aquatic Life 13) beach hills 14)beach forts 15) beach pubs 16)Beach shacks 17) Climate 18) Rainfall 19) Rivers and their landscape 20) biological diversity &Shipping ports 21) Coastal lines

Ganapati phule Mumbai Maharashtra

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Arabian sea to the west the best beaches found in Goa and Gokarna on the west coast The ghats covers 140,000 square kilometres (54,000 sq mi) in a stretch of 1,600 kilometres (990 mi) We have the road map to expirence all these according to your choice of liking 1) Languages 2)Culture 3)Tradition 4) Food 5)Festivals (Seasons) 6)People 7)Music (Traditional) 8)Festive Concerts 9)Music festivals 10) Seafood 11) Monuments 12) Unesco world heritage sites 13) Famous people 14) History 15) Foreign rule 16) Indian rulers 17) Arts sports culture & places 18)Famous things to do 19) best time to visit 20) Uniqueness about the place. 21)Railways 22)Temples 23)Architecture of ancient temples. 24)highways

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1)Etylomogy history from madagascar maldivies Golkunda 160 million years older than the Himalayas 2)Geology 3)Geography 4)peaks 5) waterbodies 6)Climates 7)Rainfall 8) Eco-regions 8)Biodiversity 9)Fauna mammals reptiles Amphibians Fish birds Insects molluscs 9A)Avifauna Example Tigers ,King Cobras , Frogs , Snakes , dolphins , black leapord ,lepords ,Elephants ,Monkeys, deers bears etc 8) Flora Flowers trees vegitaion plants medication plants Example Snadal woods There are thousands 9) Railways Example sakleshpur to subramanya Karnataka to Goa most beautiful view etc Goa Is the best known for it beaches music and resorts

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Maps 1)Capitals of the states 2) Best places of the state 3)most visited places of the state 4 ) FamousHill station places 5) Mountain peaks 6)Wildlife sanctuary 7)National parks 8)Resorts in western ghats 9)Best Beaches 10)Arabian sea & Lakshadweep Islands Choose your map! The Road Map of your choice.

-Vinay Kumar CG

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