Italy (South-Central Europe)

Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine. Its capital, Rome, is home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins. Other major cities include Florence, with Renaissance masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s “David” and Brunelleschi’s Duomo; Venice, the city of canals; and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital.

Venice Italy

Exploring Italy

Italy’s map looks like boot kicking foot balls, you will experience the country knowing some Italian to have a better experience when you visit the country, Italy is one of the best country in Europe’s most diverse countries, with completely different landscapes, culture and weather, no trip to Italy is complete without gelato and pizza Italy’s most famous dishes, drinks and desserts. It’s all about going right back to the birthplace   

Rome knew love ,better than I ever could, So I let the city take my hand and followed close behind, Picking up pieces of her melting heart…

 There are a couple of country within the country like Vatican City and sanmareno they are separate countries. The largest cities in the country are Rome Milan Napale  ,there are more than 50 + unesco sites which is highest by any other country in the world .Famous casino in the country is Campione  D’ italia casino.

Beautiful canals

Traveling by train in Italy is an easy and fast way to get around the country…

Advance booking Is a must for everything In Italy which will make the trip smooth and time saving.

Italian food are the best known worldwide make sure you don’t miss any.

Some of the best places to explore food of Italy:

1.) Cotoletta all Milanese in Lombardy 

2.) Truffles in Piedmont

3.) Pesto Genovese, Genoa 

4.) Risotto alla Milanese, Milan

5.) Parma Ham, Parma

6.) Ragù with Parmigiano Reggiano, Bologna

7.) Cappuccino, Northern Italy

8.) Spritz Veneziano, Venice

9.) Cinque Terre, Calamari

10.) Espresso, Pisa

11.) Florentine Steak, Florence

12.) Chianti, Chianti region of Tuscany 

13.) Carbonara, Rome

14.) Pizza, Naples

15.) Puglia

16.) Limoncello, Amalfi Coast

17.) Gelato, Sicily

18) Osteria Anice Stellato: For a special occasion

19) Trattoria alle Due Gondolette: Where the locals go

20) Al Vecio Marangon: Cozy & Cute

21) La Perla ai Bisatei: Local, casual and simply delicious on the Isle of Murano

22) Rosa Salva for the best Tramezzino near San Marco

23) Bar Filovia: For a very local Tramezzino near the Station

24) Seadas, Sardinia

25) Cannoli, Sicily

Milan Cathedral (Dumo di Milano)

A few other unique places which you find   

The dining table at billa lante /The relics of jesus ‘s Apostle  St thomas /the geothermal water fall tunscany/the sunken city of baia /the clif side town of santa Agata de goti /the sulfuric fields of Pozzuoli /Rocetta mettei. The urbania mummies / the chusdino sword in the stone / the 9 layer maze of villa pisani/the road of 52 tunnels/the pyramid zone /the castello heads. These are the places you can visit if you are planning to spend a long time in Italy.

Ancient sites / volcano/Etna /Stromboli/Vesuvius /Dolbestomiti rock /Lake Garda /umbria valleys tucany hills Are the must vist sites.

Poriver po valley Adriatic sea venencia .

The Grand Canal Rialto Bridge


The best flower is the lavender and many other beautiful flowers which you must experience here, Fauna here are unique has the national parks and landscapes are unique too, you can visit the national parks if you plan on exploring all of Italy.

North of Italy is modern has major cities middle part of the country has Is lands and southern part has best Ancient places to visit in Sicily. South was a mafia territory in the 90’s now it’s one of the best and pleasant places

Italy Is also known worldwide for its auto mobiles Luxury Items cars Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati Ducati peril lei you have to visit the Ferrari world and other brands in the country are Armani Versace dolce & gabanna Gucci parda You can lose yourself shopping at Millan Galleria, there are many famous architects actors painter explorer’s and sport’s men form history and present from Italy

Example: Amerigo vess pucii Galalieo galali micheal langelo marco polo paganni  Alentino rossi Alpacino Leonardo di caprio

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele


Learn Italian Currency is Euro Use public transport to save money , cash is important at restaurants ,Watch out for pick pockets aggressive beggars Italian’s smoke a lot here you need to walk around a lot

Italy is one of the best country in Europe’s most diverse countries, with completely different landscapes, culture and weather. No trip to Italy is complete without gelato and pizza Italy’s most famous dishes, drinks and desserts. It’s all about going right back to the birthplace   

The Colosseum


the Eternal city

Vatican city colloseum forum Vatican museum termini trajan’s forum Trevi fountain pantheon St .peters basilica Vatican museum spsnish steps 16 chaple Gelato evening St peters Square.

Modena public city / Art trending fashion Treasures landscapes

Venice– 118 Is lands canals grand, art, history, people and cuzine Water walk restaurants

St Mark’s basilica Campanile Bridge of sighs boat ride.

Milan – lagoon, Wealthy treasure painting opera Cathedral Architecture

Fasion modern history Duomo 3rd largest church, Galaria brand’s clothes music shops restaurant, Sforzesco castle park Sempione navigilo grande canal shop& dine Gelato

Santa marina grazie last supper.

Bellagio– Esno lake hill side restaurant food varenna Gellato.

Florance– Renasance Art Galleria Dell ‘Academia Dumo di frenzie brurelleschi’s Dome

Baptisty of san Giovanni palazzo vecchio Uffizi gallery ponte vecchio river palazzo pitti Gellato Dining & shopping

Naples Comparia South Italy Art history Resturants night life Food Shop.

Pompei -bay history Ancient rome pizza Brothels.

The Carnival

And other places to vist when you’re here are Positano Capri Salermo Amalfi Serento Italian lake District north Italy –Weather Senery mountain forest Slopes Family resorts.

Sicily -hangout houses court yards, traditional Sicilian coral music pelermo chatherdaral of monreale muslim Arab Christian norman, bible stry book and paintings. Council mount Edna Geologcaly sicily is part Europe part Africa Eurasian plate and African plate are colliding causing volcanic activity. Fertile soil and vineyards Estates / wine making Arigento Greece temples and edna land of opportunity magna cracia cancordia .Zeus statue. Roman villa Del casale.wild animals for coloseum Gymnasticts painting conole food Ruins of hyada Mountains Island of the meditranian.

Sicily is best known for – Art history temple churches north edna , beach

Chiquntere– Landscape clifs hiking Costal view blue trail.

Tuscany– Green lush hills Florance history, Elda pizz lean tower 20 other historic land marks museum, small town.

These are the few important things places and personality of Italy!

The bomarzo horror garden/the free wine fountain of commino di san tommaso /Ai pomppi theme park /the necropolis of banditacia /the strange surreal scarzulo

Auto mobiles Architecture paintings churches cheese wine pasta pizza galeto bridges canals beaches Islands trains Vatican Romeo Juliet vampires fairy castles mountains Sidewalks boat rides yatches Guitar music night life monuments Ancient history mythical cities Towers mafia Rossi Michelangelo

The last supper Roman Catholics cathedrals Luxury brands clothes cars bikes Lamborghini colosseum gladiators fountains lagoon Island city gallery restaurants art brothels lakes museums winery’s

The Sistine Chaple

Renaissances culture Leonardo davinci Art sence aparol spids lavender sea side villages hills side national parks pesto sauce Modena cars Ferrari museum Parma cheese Verona Shakespeare Romeo Juliet roman arenas shopping lagoon city canals palace Dances Bull’s festival masks Fashion

Which you should experience and never miss out once you are here.

Italy is a country which will take a few months to explore and a year to complete.

Travel by train for a wonderful experience.  

-Vinay Kumar CG.

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